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Our mission is to provide fresh turfgrass to our customers. Please call for information. 361-852-9606

We have been providing professional lawn services to homeowners, landscapers, nurseries and for commercial projects in Corpus Christi and South Texas for over 30 years.

Learn about the available varieties of turfgrass including St. Augustine, Bermuda, and Zoysia.

Turfgrass helps prevents erosion when rainfall is most aggressive, slows down runoff, and keeps the soil surface porous. Turfgrass also generates a cooling effect. On a hot day, lawns will be thirty degrees cooler than asphalt or rock and fourteen degrees cooler than bare soil.

In addition to various varieties of turfgrass, we accept special orders for truckloads of pavers, landscape rocks and flagstone for patios, ponds or garden paths.

Contact us at 361-852-9606 for additional information.

Business hours:
8-5 Monday - Friday
9-12 Saturday


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